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Muthu Grangefield Oasis Club

Indoor Swimming Pool

Whilst inclement weather is hardly believable on the Costa del Sol, as part of its indoor Health Club and Spa facilities, Grangefield Oasis Club has thoughtfully incorporated an indoor heated swimming pool to ease those joints and keep the heart exercised all year round.

You are permitted to use the RELAX AREA for 60 min.
Is not possible to visit the installations during opening hours. (From 16.00 till 20.00)
Children under 16 must be with an adult.

Maintane silence throughout the facility.
Swimming cup and Swimming suit required
Shower before using the pools
Wear wet zone shoes
Use towels in sauna
Use the steps and handrails when entering the pool.
Walk with caution to avoid slipping.

Mobile phone, cameras or videos.
Outdoor shoes.
Running inside facilities.
Diving into the pool.
To eat or drink in the pool.