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The Algarve, in Southern Portugal, with its year-round sunshine, miles of golden sand beaches, and picturesque villages, has become one of Europe’s most popular golfing destinations.

In Western Algarve, around the bustling holiday destination of Albufeira, you can holiday 24/7, combining championship golf with a hectic nightlife.

This Portugal fishing port was called as Baltum by the Romans before it was rechristened as Al-Buhera or 'the lagoon' by the Moors. The city has been a living witness to Earthquakes and tiny wars before it became a hot tourist spot for golfers in the later part of 20th Century. Apart from the lovely sandy beaches, golf in Albufeira is what attracts the majority of the tourists.

Unlike other destinations, this fishing port is different. The city encompasses different topological terrains. This gives ample avenue for creating different golf courses. There are forest type, sandy type and even a pine tree golf ground. The plans for the courses, mostly designed by internationally recognised golf-course architects, together with the superb landscapes in which they are located, satisfy the requirements of the most demanding enthusiasts, marking out the region as first-rate destination for golf. The favourable climate with more than 300 days of sun per year, allows the golf season to be extended over several months, bringing players from all over the world. The excellence on offer is only enriched by its great variety of trees, vegetation, its greens, tees and silence of its surrounds, only to be broken by the ‘crack’ of the perfect shot.

With nothing between them and the Atlantic Ocean, the five MGM Muthu hotels in Albufeira are just 7 kms away from all major golf courses in the region. Your perfect Golf Holiday starts here                                                                                         



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