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Quaintly known as the ‘Island of Eternal Spring’, Tenerife may be wholly Spanish but its location just off the coast of Morocco, gives it a distinctly African feel - particularly with its glorious weather.

Fringed with a mixture of golden and dark volcanic beaches, the Island has a diverse interior switching from lush green countryside filled with banana plantations, to the dark volcanic landscapes around Mount Teide. Perfect for a holiday at any time of the year, Tenerife barely has an off-season. It is always alive with activity and suits everybody from sun worshippers to golfers and water sports fans, to families with young children.


For a relatively small Island, Tenerife packs a great deal within its boundaries ensuring that variety will be the spice of your holiday life. From its designated National Parks (fiercely protected yet open to the public) to its wild and wonderful man-made water parks, jungle parks teeming with sea lions and crocodiles and sea life parks with spectacular dolphin shows – Tenerife caters to every palate. Add lush pine forests, plunging cliffs, watersports under and on the sea, world-renowned lively fiestas and duty-free shopping – not just at the airport – and you can understand why more than five million tourists set foot on this Island each year.



Whilst some claim Tenerife has the ‘best climate in the world’ most would agree that it’s not far from being ideal. The big appeal of the Canary Islands is their genuine year-round warm climate. The winter months are arguably ‘high season’ as sunshine-seekers flock south to enjoy temperatures in their 20s - even on an average December day. Summer can be very warm with clear skies and only occasional rain, especially in the south as the mountainous landscape pushes the rain northwards, but there is scant need for air-conditioning as Tenerife’s famous light breezes waft off the Ocean and regulate even the hottest of days.